Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rest of February

10th February, 2013 Before and After the Albany Walk with Ronnie

A lot has happened in Fabulous February; some of it not so fabulous.

After not really doing any training since the first Albany Lakes Walk we did the second one on the 10th February. I met the gorgeous Mel and we walked together. Fiona ran/walked and managed to do the 10km in 1 hour 30 minutes; awesome!

I caught up with the beautiful Ronnie again and missed the group MotivateMe NZ (MMNZ) photo….will definitely be in the next one!

What I did do was wear my MMNZ tank top and the support from the other members along the way was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Smiles, waves, and words of encouragement…these gals are incredible! However, it gets SO MUCH BETTER.

Makaia (started MMNZ) was approached by Joe from Ludus Magnus as he wanted to get the MMNZ women in for a session to show us what they do. I was initially nervous and to be honest I signed up and then a week or so later I checked out their website and then freaked out. I am going to liken the training style to cross fit as that seems the easiest comparison for the time being. About 15 of us went along on Sunday 24th February and it was absolutely amazing! Joe was great and the training was both rewarding and hard; I had to modify quite a few moves but know that I can improve. Trying to explain to Mark and show him was hilarious! Oh and I did run a bit!

What I do want to say about the MMNZ gals is that they are absolutely incredible. They are so strong, so supportive and so driven. I feel privileged to be part of an amazing group of women who are all at different stages of their journeys. I feel motivated, supported and encouraged by them. These are things that I have rarely felt over the years, especially in team/group environments.

Words cannot express what these women and my own friends have given me over the last few years.

Then my cousin Letti sent an invite to a Bootcamp group which I joined. Letti is on her own amazing journey and is doing incredibly proud; she’s getting stronger, fitter by the day. As I was leaving Letti’s on Monday night after a great catch up I got a message from Kiri from MMNZ to say that they had convinced Delane (our Summer Shake Up trainer) to do another 3 weeks; starting the following morning. I thought “OMG I cannot do this” and then responded saying “yes, I will be there in the morning”.

I then realised my week was going to look something like this:
Sunday – Ludus Magnus
Monday – nothing
Tuesday – Shake Up (am) / Walk (pm)
Wednesday – Bootcamp (am)
Thursday – Shake Up (am)
Friday – Bootcamp (am)
Saturday – nothing at this stage
Sunday – Final 10km Albany Walk

I am a crazy person.

Tuesday’s Shake Up was intense with boxing, stairs, boxing, STAIRS, SQUATS….boxing. I honestly thought my arms would die during the boxing part; however I can still answer the phone today which is a bonus. Wow those gals can hit! Go Kiri, Liz and Steph. We were all sweating glowing in the moonlight…yes it was that early.

Wednesday’s Bootcamp was easier in some ways (no stairs) but really great. We were working on correct form for body weight exercises like Squats, Push-ups, lunges and planks. It can only get better right? Oh and I said “I will not run even if zombies with chainsaws are chasing me”….hopefully I will be able to run a bit when I get my weight down more.

All in all the training is keeping my mind off other things which is probably quite good. Now I just need to fix up the eating a bit more and I will be home and hosed.

March is a huge month for me in terms of events and I need to be really on form for The Dual in 4 weeks.

I am going to get one of the Bootcamp trainers to help me with a program for the gym as the thought of 45 minutes on the cross-trainer is boring me silly and putting me off going. I do love exercising in the fresh air and with other people. We train hard and have moments when we laugh. Last Tuesday I realised I was sweating so much it was rolling down my arms and dripping on the stairs. NICE. Oh wait…I was glowing!!!

If you want to know more about MotivateMe NZ or the other Bootcamp I am doing then please just ask :) 


  1. Love that you have so much support in these ladies, they sound amazing, and well done to you! I love your determination, seriously inspiring.

    1. Thanks Kate. To be honest I am surrounded by so many amazing, inspiring women. It's great. The food is a bit of a "meh" thing at the moment, but most of my meals are good. :)

  2. Its not so insane, you are still getting a couple days off a week, so good stuff! :D
    Just make sure you watch that diet as well as the exercise. Diet is 90% of weight loss :)

    1. I had to have Friday off as just exhausted. Not my body so much...just generally tired.

      Yes, what goes into my body is so important. Have nearly got it right but not quite. Don't want to be OTT with things but don't want to be out of control either.