Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Weigh-in

Sign at Te Atatu Peninsula Pony Club

This morning I weighed before getting dressed and driving to Shake Up. So I am officially 144.9kg which means I have lost 2.1kg. I am pretty happy with that considering I did not do much exercise in January and my eating was bit haphazard.

I have not really been walking as I think I got bored with the route I was using. So yesterday I woke up early (typical public holiday…no sleep in) and was out on the road by 6.40am. I managed a 7.2km walk in just under an hour and a half. It was pretty good considering I was wearing my new shoes for the first time and I was meant to break them in more before the next Albany Lakes walk on Sunday 10thFebruary.

I also stretched a little bit. I am pretty slack with stretching and really wish I had a minion that would stretch me out after I exercise. I have found that one leg is pretty sore down by my Achilles and also my calf and strangely my right glute muscle is really sore. I tried using our foam roller, but it was a bit hard to roll and support myself.

I decided that I would register for the Autumn Brush Up through MotivateMe NZ as I missed the summer one. However, Makaia suggested I try it this morning and if I liked it then I could do the last two weeks with the Waitakere group. So off I went this morning. I think I was a bit nervous and had this really scary dream about how it was going to be a crazy boot camp with people yelling etc. The Shake Up was not like that at all, but another team from a women’s only gym were…there was screaming. Can I say that screaming at 5.55am in the morning is not good?!

I enjoyed myself. Had a wee drama queen moment when I was trying to do the abdominal side of things. Honestly, I thought I was going to puke. I had to put my legs down in the middle of the cycling on my back. Means any glimmer of abdominal strength that I had as gone. Then the push ups! So the aim was to do as many full push ups as we could manage; even if only 1 per set. I managed two and then flopped down on the ground to throw a tantrum have a rest. I then put my head on the ground…must have smacked it as I have a wee mark. So I did the rest on my knees interspersed with drama queen moments.

Anyway, the really awesome thing was that I read on the group board this morning that one of the MotivateMe NZ girls had done 160 full push ups this morning as part of their group workout; so inspiring. I would be happy with just being able to do 20!


  1. Great work! I love the drama queen moments - in yoga, they look like legitimate stretches. Well, at least I hope they do ...

    1. Yes, drama queen moments are the best. I would rock them if I was ever in Hells Kitchen or The Biggest Loser. I would be the girl that storms out.

      Ohhhh so what you're saying is that I was doing a downward dog...not a Ness Face plant?

    2. Well, based on the ONE time I have ever been to yoga, I'm pretty sure I heard her say something like, "if you need a rest, just stretch out and put your head on the floor". Unfortunately, she didn't mean lying down flat on your back! (Mental note: must use the other nine sessions on that 10-trip voucher I bought!)

    3. I haven't done proper yoga for such a long time. I must keep an eye out for some super deals for 10 classes etc. I do miss yoga :) Actually I could do it at home. We did a semi-downward dog the other day...I didn't feel so super awkward that time. :)

  2. Yay for stretching. Definitely something you should try to do. I usually do it while watching TV.

    Have you thought about doing the 100 push up challenge? I did it and got up to about 40 before I forgot to keep doing it. Oops. I should start again.

    1. Yes I often use the dreaded foam roller in front of the tv....and really try not to slide off it as that wouldn't be a good look at all. I must try the 100 push up challenge!

      I hope you're running is going well? I have been really terrible with blog reading and commenting of late :(