Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Short Sweet and Nice #CupQuake

I did another round of #CupQuake to help raise money for the Red Cross Canterbury appeal. This time around we raised $1,100. I thought that this was pretty impressive given the fact that after the 22nd February a great deal more people organised amazing fundraisers to raise money for Christchurch. 

Last time we raised $900 and I wanted to crack the $1,000 mark. Admittedly I decided to top things up a little bit with a few extra dollars from Mark and I to get it to $1,100…but why not!
Like I have said in the past I cannot help physically as I live in Auckland but I can raise money or donate money.

I really want to thank Claire and the team at the international travel college of New Zealand who managed to sell almost 300 cupcakes.

To the other amazing people and businesses who took the time to sell these cupcakes and those that purchased them to eat. I cannot thank you enough.

So thank you to my team of ‘sellers/buyers’:
Best Blooms Florists (Jo and her team)
Shona, Raewyn, Yvonne, Kath, Rachel, Cath, Hilary and Sharleen

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to my friends Kathryn and Colleen who let me use their kitchen at Delish Cupcakes and offered “post-it” notes of encouragement. Baking over 500 cupcakes at home would have been a mission that I just cannot bear to think about.

Last not but certainly not least my thanks goes to Anne (Kathryn’s mum) who helped me to bake and kept me on track and “sane”. I can now honestly say that I know exactly how much filling to put in a cupcake case so that it does not turn into a muffin.

To the Cantabrians, I hope this money goes a little way to helping you get back on your feet.


  1. What a fantastic thing you've been doing! Go you!
    Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS (and PRETTY)! I absolutely LOVE those patty cases xo

  2. Well done you! What an awesome effort, and I love the big, generous heart behind it all. They look fab! xx

  3. @Kez and @Kate...thank you so much for your lovely comments. At the end of the day there are people that have done more. So this was my way of contributing a bit. For me...I bake with love.

    I loved the cases as well....they are so funky and "cougar-like". Rwahhhhh