Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creativity or lack thereof

At the beginning of 2010 I found myself wondering if there was something missing from my life.

As 2010 flies past, I have realised that “creativity” is missing from my life. Since joining Twitter, I have come across more and more amazing, talented and creative individuals.

Unfortunately, I seem to be “kind of” good at a few things, but I do not seem to excel in any one thing.

I love to bake, and feel that this would be an easy skill to improve and provide an amazing creative outlet. I bake for people that I love and care about to bring joy and happiness to their lives.

Painting/ArtI did painting and art until 5th Form, but I was always decidedly “average” so I gave up. I think I will leave the painting to Mark.

I did a photography night course when was in high school, but never finished it. I love photography and am now surrounded by incredibly, gifted photographers. Photography is definitely something that I would like to develop as a creative outlet and enjoyable hobby.

I had piano lessons and I think my mother would have loved for me to continue these through high school. I never really got any better because I never practiced. I do love music, just not played by me. My crazy attempts at Singstar and Rockband do not even come close to singers that I love, but it is fun!

I tried sewing through high school, but always found “finishing” the garment hard. I wish I could sew, and I am sure if I applied myself I probably could. One of my goals is to help my mum finish the quilt she started when I was born....34.5 years ago!

Speech and Drama
I did speech and drama through my early primary years, and actually really enjoyed this. Perhaps Toastmasters would be an interesting option?

I love writing and am seriously considering writing a book. Very inspired by @amerrylife’s eBook; this is something I would consider doing. However, I need to up my writing skills up a few notches.

My aim going forward: choose 3 things and start to seriously up-skill myself and learn from my creative friends.

1. Writing - write blogs more often and look at grammar. Inspired by: @cateowen @josiecampbell
2. Photography - get a better camera and go out on fun shoots with friends. Huge love to: @velofille @stockhausens @omakiwi @shotbyrobins @jaysonkingsbeer @jasminestar @MegPerotti @tahniaroberts love your work
3. Baking - Start baking different recipes and play with icing on cup cakes

What is your creative outlet?


  1. Aaah Ness I didn't know you had a blog!!! I think the hardest thing about creativity is the amount of time it takes to be creative. Yes you can write a short story... then the second you get into the groove of writing it you start to think of more and more wonderful ideas (similarly with painting, photography etc etc). I think that if you 'confront' this situation by setting aside some time every day for a creative pursuit it will alleviate this problem significantly. But I think you already know all this and that is why it's fantastic that you have set a few goals for yourself! You have now inspired me to finish writing my script synopsis today! Thank you :) Matt

  2. Oh, I hear what you're saying.

    I used to have lots of creative outlets, but as I've got more bogged down and tired with the CFS, they've just dried up.

    I don't write any more and the ideas aren't even there now. I haven't done any scrapbooking in ages and I manage to stitch a coupleo of days a month if I'm lucky.

    In all honesty, I try not to think about it too hard or it depresses me.

    Thank goodness I can still read, or it would all be gone.

  3. Aw, glad I inspired you a little bit. Blogging (the writing part and photography part and all of it) is my creative outlet. :)

  4. @Matt | Yes, I have a blog…because I like to talk and writing has been quite therapeutic for me. Yes, being creative does take some time. I might give a short story a go and see how I get on. I would like to write fiction….! Setting aside time each day for a creative pursuit might be the way to go. I really want to get our wedding photos sorted, so perhaps I should start with that. Glad I inspired you to finish writing your script synopsis.

    @Kerry | I knew that you would understand. I see you as one of my most creative friends and appreciate that CFS has had a huge impact on your “creative” voice. : ( Thank goodness for reading; it is often my savior too.

    @Mary | you have totally inspired me. I had not even considered an eBook until you finished and released yours. I would like to incorporate more of my own photography into my blog; but need a slightly better camera first.