Monday, April 5, 2010

I am no longer going to talk or worry....

I have made a decision this morning. I am no longer going to talk or worry about the people that do not like me, or that I do not like. I am going to focus on growing friendships with the people who I know and love.

I am a pretty open and honest person, and if you want to know something about me then just ask. If you still do not like me, then we both just need to move on.

I think that perhaps I have been living in a bit of a dreamlike world where everyone gets along. What I have come to realise is that we are all different, and some people get on well and others do not.

I think that being an adult is about being able to be friends with different people, even if those friends do not get on themselves.

What have I learnt?
- sometimes it is not all about me and sometimes it is
- sometimes I am not the one with the problem and sometimes I am
- dispel rumours with the people involved with a good face-to-face chat and do not just "unfriend or unfollow"
- leave the gossip, bullying and bitchiness in your teens and be an adult

What have you learnt?

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  1. Thanks for that Ness a positive and nice way to start the day:)