Thursday, May 6, 2010

Water Skiing + Adoption

I love the water and would love to be able to water ski or windsurf.

I last tried to water ski when I was 16 years old and unfortunately I was too tall (and big) for the size of the boat. So I gave up.

About a year ago I found out that I had been water skiing “successfully” before. Now my memory is not great, but I wondered how I could have forgotten that. It turned out that when my mum was pregnant with me she went water skiing.

Being adopted there are things I did not know; things that people take for granted. Since finding my birth family they have been able to fill the gaps over the years.

I love my parents and have never wanted for anything. They raised me with full disclosure about my adoption, the reasons surrounding my adoption and as much information as they had about my birth family (which was not much). Nevertheless, at the end of the day there were still some things that only my birth mum and family could tell me. Knowing these things certainly brings me closer to being a “whole” person.

So I now know what my mum’s pregnancy with me was like (yes I pressed on her sciatic nerve) and my birth. I have been water skiing before. And by June this year I will have been to my grandparents 25th, 50th and 60th Wedding Anniversaries.

These might be things that others take for granted, but to me they are special because if I had never met my birth family, I would have never known these things.
So perhaps this is the time to start talking to your family about things that you do not know about them. You might be surprised.

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  1. That is so lovely Ness:) I got goose bumps x