Monday, October 12, 2009

8. Road Rage

There are so many things that I could talk about in relation to road rage, however I think it is best for me to pick the two that really drive me absolutely nuts!

The first one is people not using their rear vision mirrors. Why do we have rear vision mirrors in our cars if we do not intend to use them!? The most common mis-use of a rear vision mirror is when a person driving is turning left into a side street, and there is a person coming the opposite way wanting to turn into the same side street but they are turning right. The person turning left fails to check their mirror to see if there are cars behind them going straight through, and blocks traffic because they think that should be giving way. I want to scream in frustration at them to check their rear vision mirrors so they know that they can turn left because ROAD IS NOT CLEAR BEHIND THEM.

The second thing is are drivers cutting into a busy stream of traffic forcing those behind them to break suddenly and almost causing an accident. My favourite is people coming up Hobson Street to go onto the motorway. Two lanes going to South Auckland and two lanes going west. The centre lane going west always has drivers who decide to jump into the southbound motorway lane at the intersection to the motorways. What the hell??

When it comes to road rage, just remember to breathe and take it easy!

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