Friday, October 9, 2009

5. Old friends

I seem to have quite a few close friends that I have met over the years. However, I am only in touch with two friends that I went to school with, and the rest are from old jobs, people I have met through mutual interests and also the internet.

I am constantly amazed how I can live in Auckland and not really bump into many people I know. A few years ago I came across an old school/university friend that I had wondered about for ages. We met for coffee and talked about all the people that she had kept in touch with. What scared me the most was that she was friends with everyone that I had lost touch with; she also knew everything about their lives. I found it a little disconcerting. When I emailed to say thanks for coffee and say we must do it again, I was a little surprised to get not response back. I am no longer worried, I am glad to have seen her and glad that she is happy.

I then bumped into another person from the same group of friends at U2; I found it quite uncomfortable as in the end I did not really have anything in common with her. I was also glad that I lost touch with her, because I considered her to be a bit of a bitch.

I was “dumped” by a friend who I was really close to. It just ended as she found a different set of friends to hang out with and also she became interested in religion. I think that the main reason that it ended was because I was a bit overpowering, and also I was obsessed with a guy I worked with, and he liked her. All very difficult and messy...hopefully I learnt not to be so overpowering with friends after that experience.

Recently I posted a status update on Facebook about whether some friendships just end naturally with no apparent reason. I found the responses from my friends quite interesting. The consensus from most people is that friendships do end sometimes and it is often the result of lives taking different paths and priorities changing. Another comment was that people come into your life to teach you things.

Yes I have lost friends over the years, and also been “dumped” by others. After taking it personally, I have learnt that it is just part of life.

I love the group of old friends that I have and know that I will be friends with them forever. I also love the new friends that I have met this year as a result of Twitter and other interests.

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