Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A towel or no towel...that is the question!

Okay, so realistically when I am at the gym I should really be concentrating on doing my exercise and not people watching. However, when doing cardio for 45 minutes at a time it’s hard not to look around to pass the time. What I have really noticed is the fact that quite a number of people don’t use towels when they work out. Personally I think that this is a bit gross.

I expect that most human beings sweat at some time or another. Just because you are skinny, doesn’t mean you don’t sweat! Also, the boys that are “too cool for towels”...get over it! I for one don’t want to have to get on a machine after someone has sweated all over it and not bothered to wipe it down for the next person. It really reminds me a bit of coming out of a Chemical Brothers concert dripping and realising that my t-shirt was not only wet from my sweat, but also the shirt-less, sweaty boys that were all around me. Pretty gross really!

So bring a towel people. It’s not that hard!

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