Thursday, May 21, 2015


When it comes to exercise and the gym I am stuck. Stuck in a rut. Stuck in a cycle of not going to the gym.

The last time we went was Friday 13th February a few days before our car died. Every week we say we will start back but it all seems too hard or we have simply fallen out of the habit.

To be honest we were kind of on a downhill slide from last year when the time table changed and perhaps we are bored with the same exercise all the time.

It is time to mix it up.

I am considering a personal trainer and maybe doing some new things to mix things up. This is where I do miss being part of a larger group of like-minded people.

I have always said that there is no point waiting for motivation, you just need to start and push through until things become a habit.

Have you ever been stuck and how did you get things unstuck?


  1. I can remember when I was wanting to train for a running event and was talking to a colleague. She said that you just put away all those excuses and remember how good you feel with exercise and just do it! That really helped me. I committed to a certain amount of training days and just did it.

    1. Thanks Nicola. Yes, you're spot on re: just doing it. I used to think that I had to wait for the motivation to come, when in reality you just need to start and get back into a routine :)