Friday, October 18, 2013

Working Out Away from Home

When I went to Korea I had the best intentions to exercise at the same frequency as when I am in New Zealand. Suffice to say this DID NOT happen! I went so far as to find local gyms that did Les Mills classes and then I found one around the corner that actually offered Spin and Hot Yoga etc.; when I went there though I could only join for large blocks of time. I was really gutted.

When you are away from home be it for work or a holiday then be prepared for the hotel gym to not be great or even just being too tired to workout. I worked really long days and by the time I got back to the hotel I just wanted to rest, relax and recharge.

I did go to the gym once (once I actually found it) and can I say that working out in 19 degree heat at 6am in the morning is not pleasant. Plus I was the ONLY women there…talk about uncomfortable.

This is what I think:
  • Have some workouts that you can do either in your room or outside (there are quite a good selection online)
  • Use the outdoors as much as possible; running, walking, cycling, stairs, body weight exercise etc.
  • Listen to your body and if you are still adjusting to time differences then go with it and exercise early morning or later in the evening if that is what works for you
  • Plan to do it
  • You might not be able to do as much as normal however try and do something

Just keep moving and if you cannot move as much as you would normally then adjust your eating.

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