Friday, November 2, 2012

Events 2012 vs. 2013

Sunday 28th October, 2012 ~ Adidas Auckland Qtr Marathon

This year I have done a few events. I thought that I had actually done more than 8, but apparently not. HOWEVER, it is still a lot more than what I have done in previous years which is nothing! I managed to do the 2011 Sculpt Women’s 6K and a few years ago I did the swimming component of a women’s event and that is about it.

To be honest I actually think that the Sculpt Women’s 6K got me thinking about doing more events and so I started signing up. Obviously, I did not think of doing anything in January and February.

I think that The Dual on the 24thMarch was the equivalent of about 10,000 events…well that is what it felt like when I was doing it. I actually did Round the Bays and thought “how hard could 10km on Motutapu be" …. I was so wrong!

What I have really learned is that you need to train for events even if it’s just walking every few days. I have done events with no preparation and suffered for days and I have done others which much more training, and I can honestly say that you need to prepare especially if you are carrying a lot of extra weight as it can be brutal on your body.

I have also learned that you cannot STOP training if the weather is bad, or if it is dark outside as you lose fitness and strength very quickly. I found myself wishing at times that I had never stopped training.

So this is 2012 vs. what I plan to do in 2013

18th March – Ports of Auckland Round the Bays (8.4km) Time: 1:39:41
24th March – Partner’s Life The Dual (10km) Time: 2:51:55
1st April – Omaha Classic (5km) Time: 0:55:02
15th April – Run Auckland | Waiatarua Reserve, Remuera (10km) Time: 1:57:44
6th May – Run Auckland | Musick Point, Bucklands Beach (10km) Time: 1:53:24
27th May – Run Auckland | Onepoto Domain, Northcote Point (10km) Time: 2:08:00
29th July – Run Auckland | Harbourview, Te Atatu Peninsula (10km) Time: 1:57:58
28th October – Adidas Auckland Marathon (10.55km) Time: 1:55:45
18th November – Sculpt Women’s 6K (6km) Time: 1:11:00

2013 (so far)
20th January - Westfield Albany Lakes SummerSeries Race 1 (10km) Time: 1:47:33
10th February - Westfield Albany Lakes Summer Series Race 2 (10km). Time: 1:51:02
3rd March - Westfield Albany Lakes Summer Series Race 3 (10km). Time: 1:48:05
10th March – Ports of Auckland Round the Bays(8.4km). Time: 1:36:49
17th March - Coatesville Classic (8km). Time: 1:33:07
23rd March – Partners Life Dual Motutapu (#1620) – Rangitoto Traverse (10km). Time: 2:37:18
14th April - Whenuapai Half Marathon (#0071) (10km). Time: 1:47:01
21st April - Orewa Beach Half Marathon (10.5km) Time: 1:59:20
12th May - Mazda ORock 6K Obstacle Course - (6km) Time: 1:14:14
20th July - Charity Spin Cycling Ride
13th September - The Crank 
17th November - Sculpt 6K (6km) Time: 107.14
30th November - Walking Stars (21km) Time: TBC

I found a fabulous website Running Events in Auckland.

Since getting back into walking at night (or in the mornings on the weekend) what I have noticed is that there are a lot of people that train together as a couple. It is actually really nice to see. Two weeks ago I saw two people running with their dog and from a distance I thought they were vomiting at the top of a hill….but nope they were just catching their breath and letting their gorgeous black Labrador have a pee.

The other couple that I see a lot is a woman that runs and her partner/husband/friend/brother etc. actually rides beside her. I thought “that is fabulous support and so safe for her”.

I have considered walking with Mark, but I appreciate the time on my own listening to music and processing my day at work. Also, he’s a lot fitter (and smaller) than me and is constantly saying “how about we run a bit” or “lets walk a bit faster”. It always frustrates me as I am still building my fitness level back up, however maybe I should not let it frustrate me and treat it like motivation to be better, faster, stronger.

What events are you interested in doing? Do you train with a partner or friend?


  1. Wow Ness, that's a fabulous calendar you have there! And congrats on all the awesome events you have done so far in 2012!

    I have just started getting into organised events here (1x 10km and the half) but I have absolutely loved them (ok, the medal helps!) and I really want to do more!! I just have to convince the bf that it is a good use of time.

    I like your idea of planning out events throughout the year though - I think I need to sit down and do that too and plug them in on the calendar. Thanks for the inspiration!! xx

    1. Thanks Leah :) I kind of wish I had made it to 10 x events this year, but that's ok.

      I really enjoy doing the events me something to work toward. Love that you're motivated by the medal. :)

      I need to start putting money aside for events as some can be quite pricey especially if you miss out on the 'cheaper' sales period.

      I hadn't even considered planning the events out so it's nice to see what I have planned for 2013 and where the gaps are....already I can see that March is FULL!



  2. Well done Ness!! I'm so pleased for you - seeing you working towards your goals is quite inspiring.

    Reminds me of something I saw one day, something along the lines of that it doesnt matter how fast or how long you go for, you are still lapping everyone who is sitting on the couch.

    1. Thanks Tara. Hopefully I will just get faster etc. next year :)


  3. I work out with a friend & its awesome!

    1. I LOVE working out with a friend :) So cool and very good motivation. xxxxx