Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2013....I am ready for you!

So the Sculpt 6k on Sunday 18th of November marked my last event for 2012. I am a little gutted that I did not actually manage to get 10 events completed this year. If I had completed all 6 of the Run Auckland series then I would have actually made it to a total of 11!

I am not going to beat myself up though as in 2011 I only did ONE event and I have increased this by 8! If I keep going like this then in 2013 I should be doing about 17 events.

You can see my initial list (and more in-depth blog) here.

What I have realised is that I love some of these events and now I have done a few I know which ones I want to do again and which ones I will definitely avoid. I honestly thought I would NEVER do Motutapu again especially when I was walking it and having to tell my feet to “keep going”, but I have just registered for this.

I am DEFINITELY wearing a cute outfit at the 2013 Sculpt 6K as a lot of women really got into it. I think the cutest outfit that we saw was 3 women dressed as cute little lady-bugs. I wish I had snapped a photo. Really want to get a team together for this as well.

Bring on 2013 I say!


  1. Good on you! I am putting together a work team for the Wellington Round the Bays in February. I might even look out for other local events - great for motivation.

    1. Thanks honey :). I saw that you blogged about the Wellington Round the Bays. I was tempted to do it actually....just checked and I don't have an event on that weekend! mmmmmm very tempted!