Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I have discovered or rediscovered...

Tonight will be the fourth night in a row at the gym. Mark and I have decided to go to the gym after work Monday - Thursday and then when he goes for a Saturday bike ride I go to the gym. So that's our 5 exercise time slots per week.

Things I discovered or rediscovered last night:
- Getting the right mix of music on my iPhone playlist is absolutely crucial to enjoying my workout and feeling motivated
- Pulling faces makes Arlene (my personal trainer) re-start counting from 1
- I enjoy doing vertical push-ups and my arms are getting stronger
- I LOVE the cross-trainer!
- Level 25 on the cross-trainer is too hard for me to do at the moment, but the strength will come

At the end of the day, I figure consistency is key. I kept waiting to get motivated to go to the gym, when realistically I believe that you just need to push yourself and eventually the motivation will come.

Next week is week 2 and I am flying to Sydney for work. I am thanking the exercise Gods and Goddesses’ that our hotel has a gym and a pool.

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