Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A start...

I have decided to finally get serious about my health, weight and wellbeing. I am 34 years old, and for most of my life I have been overweight.

It has now reached a crisis point where I have a fatty liver, slight asthma, am grossly unfit and just generally tired all the time. I am sick of walking up one flight of stairs and feeling out of breath. I also want to have children, and cannot do that at this weight.

I am choosing to take responsibility for my health and I blame no one but myself for the 60kg that I have put on since I turned 20. It is me that has overeaten and all but given up exercise.

So rather than surround myself with negativity, I have decided to take a positive step and lose weight and have some fun with some of my friends. I am going to blog along the way.

I will take some “before” photos of myself to track my progress. But for now, I will include some photos of me when I was about 16, and then another when I was 19…fit, healthy and happy.

Current Weight: 157.2kg
Initial Goal Weight: 99kg
Work out pledge: 3 Cardio workouts and 2 Resistance per week


  1. Ness - I know comments from migdets like me are probably annoying at times, but just wanted to say GO YOU! Health is very important!

    Josie x

  2. Thanks Kass and Josie! @Josie supportive comments from anyone are fabulous! xxx