Sunday, February 26, 2017

Friday Favs – Week 6

So writing my Friday Favs on a Sunday afternoon with the air conditioner on the lowest possible temperature setting and the highest fan speed.

Auckland is sweltering hot! This time next week I will be in the UK where it’s currently about 10 degrees! Woohoo.

My Friday Favs for this week are the movies that we watched.

‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ which was surprising moving and incredibly poignant. I found myself bawling at the end. Based on a true story, it is a must watch.

‘Captain Fantastic’ brutal and raw and we watched this after multiple people recommended it. I could not watch the first few minutes but after that I got into the swing of the movie. It is extremely moving and makes you think about people living “off” the grid.

Both movies were incredibly deep and really made you think about the world that we live in.

I am excited about the number of movies that I can watch on my trip to the many hours on the plane, so many movies

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