Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Phones and Tablets

So I am really bemused about people’s use of phones and tablets while they are out with other people. 

I really think that if you have made the time to catch up with someone then you could at least do them the courtesy of spending time with them rather than checking your phone the entire time.

A few months ago I was having dinner with a friend and the couple at the table next to us both had their MASSIVE (and they were massive) phones out and up in front of their faces. I can only imagine that they were taking photos of one other and sending them to the other person via Snap Chat. *eye roll* Oh wait…maybe they were using Tinder to find someone better?

I mean why even go out if you are not even going to communicate face-to-face (without a device in the way) to the person you are with?

Mark and I have a rule when we go out that my phone goes in my bag and this rule has been in place after I joined Twitter. He politely (not politely) told me the other night while I was ranting to him about people using their phones while out with friends that I used to do it. Oops! I also always try and make sure that I put my phone away when I am out with friends and I normally do not check it until I get home or on the way to the car.

I get that sometimes you do need to check your phone (if you have kids at home or are waiting for an important text) and that is totally fine. It is just the constant use of them when you should put it away and actually catch up with your friend or partner.

To make my day, yesterday a girl was so busy texting that she smacked straight into the glass door where I was having my morning coffee. Suffice to say, I bloody laughed because if you cannot even look up from your phone to check if the door is open or closed then you deserve everything you get. 

**Disclaimer** This probably annoys me a lot because I did used to do it!


  1. Haha. Occasionally I am guilty of this. I think you know it's all gone too far when nobody is interacting at all. A little phone break here and there isn't too bad, but we need to remember that the people who are face to face with us need to come first! It's all about manners, really.

    1. I think we are probably all guilty of it. You've hit the nail on the head though that you know it's all gone too far when people aren't interacting at all. I see it all the time. They can't even put their phones down to actually eat :(

  2. I kind of feel a bit addicted to my phone but I do make a conscious effort to not use or minimally use it when I'm out with people as I know how I feel when I'm talking to someone and they start texting! Rude!!

    1. Yes, I do get that re: being addicted...I am the same sometimes. On Sunday, I left my phone in another room and it was really nice :)

      As for talking to someone and then they start texting, that's just rude :(