Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Color Run

Mark and I in the Colour Mosh Pit

So the first event for 2014 was the first ever Color Run in New Zealand. To be honest when I signed Mark and I up for this I was really excited and then on the day I felt a bit “meh” about it all.

Once we found the MMNZ gals I felt heaps better as it was such a nice way to see them all. It feels like a big (colourful) family when we are altogether.

We ended up walking with a few of the gals and it was such a cool family friendly atmosphere. I even got down in the colour and rolled around in it. So much fun! We will definitely be doing it next year.

I have decided that rather than just doing as many events as I can this year that I am going to be more selective with the ones that I do. I already decided not to do the Albany Lakes Series as quite frankly walking 2 x laps of 5k is just boring. Also, we will be missing Round the Bays this year as we will not be around.

So to date we have 3 that are definite as we are already signed up:
The Color Run
O Rock

From there I will decide what to do. I know that we will do the Auckland Quarter Marathon and I will do Sculpt, but I need to find some more that are interesting.

I am also going to focus more on resistance training than I did last year. I have definitely go the cardio under my belt and exercising at least 5 times a week is a well-established habit now.

What events have you done or signed up for that you love?

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