Friday, July 19, 2013

Why I Ride

Ruth and I after a Friday classes; yes I do have a pink fluffy thing in my hair

I started doing RPM regularly at Les Mills Britomart back in April 2013 and have pretty much attended a minimum of 2 classes a week since then. It has actually grown to about 5-6 classes per week now. The only time I reduce is when I attend a MotivateMe NZ Shake Up on a Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks and then I cut down to 4 rides.

I can honestly say that I am addicted to RPM. I am addicted to the rush and addicted to the music and the instructors; Tony, Tommi, Brett, Nats, Donna and Hayley. I love the music! Seriously, it really is like aerobics on a bike! Also, I love the gals that I go with…Caroline and Ruth you rock!

I like the way RPM makes me feel. I think I am getting stronger. I do try and push myself harder even when it is difficult and I can barely breathe or push the peddles. This morning on the way to work I discovered a muscle in my arm that has obviously come from doing RPM and Pump regularly. Exciting!

For me RPM is like Bikram is for Megan. It is a clearing of the mind and a strengthening of my body and my will-power.

Tonight I am riding with others over a 24-hour block for charity, because we can. So think of me when I start my first 1-hour block at midnight tonight.


  1. Yep, i love RPM for all the same reasons. For me its about KNOWING i have had a good workout, i can't procrastinate, and i can do it despite any injuries most of the time :)

    1. Yes....oh my gosh Liz that's it exactly. I also know that I can ride while overweight and still smash it...less stress on my joints etc.

      I also love doing exercise with other people :)

  2. Yay go you! And smash that charity ride (though riding from midnight ... ugh!)

    1. Thanks honey :) Now I know what I would do differently on a charity ride. Ride consecutively rather than breaking the time up. Wear padded bike pants. Make sure the bike is adjusted properly for me. :)