Thursday, December 27, 2012

Before Photos

This is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

This morning after commenting on Allie’s before and after photo blog I decided that I had to take before photos so that I have a starting point. I think I prefer this to weight as I believe that seeing your body change has to be a strong motivator.

We thought it best to take the photos in a sports bra and bike pants.

After seeing the photos I am dubious whether it was the “best” thing to do.

It is kind of funny when you have an idea of yourself and what you look like and then you see the photos. It is actually a HUGE eye-opener. When I looked at the photo from behind I thought “holy heck…that is what I look like from behind…..shit”.

I text them to a good friend and she told me that I was brave for taking the photos and to also consider the positives with the negatives. This is her text “yes, there is the weight thing but you do have really good posture (i.e. the weight isn’t pulling your spine out of alignment) and you have strong legs and arms, which will hopefully help with exercise”. So there you go…the good with the bad. Also, even though I might not look it, I am stronger and slightly fitter than I look.

My mini goals for January
  • Tracking my food and exercise via MyFitnessPal
  • No takeaways
  • Preparing healthy lunches
  • Exercise everyday i.e. Gym, walk or swim

I have also decided that I am going to weigh myself on the 1st of every month, rather than weekly. So the 1st of January will mark the first weigh-in for 2013.

This morning I found a crazy event that I am interested in doing. It is actually a 6km obstacle course in May. I am seriously considering it and am probably 95% convinced. If I train correctly for it, then I am confident that I will be able to do it. 
I will be updating my 2013 events blog here with new events and times. 


  1. when I started on my own journey 18 months ago, I underestimated just how much of a motivation having before and during photos could be. Some days are so tough that picking up the before photos and seeing just how far you have come in a month, two months, six months is powerful.

    I find your courage inspiring. I never even told anyone that I was changing my lifestyle when I started out! You've inspired me to at least attempt at least one 5km event in 2013. Hopefully one that you're doing so we can cheer each other on! I don't doubt that you can do this - because you're doing it. You rock, Ness. You rock!!

    1. I definitely agree re: before and after photos as motivation. It wasn't something I really wanted to do, but I decided that in order for me to move forward I had to see myself as the rest of world sees me. :)

      It's nice to know that I am inspiring someone :) Would certainly be keen to do a 5km event with you and I would love to do Body Combat with you :)

      I am inspired by you constantly. I might not always comment on your blogs, but I always read them.

      Bring on 2013!

  2. Ness, you are so inspirational! I think it's awesome that you have taken before pics - and then POSTED them! I agree with Allie - I don't have many "before" photos because I shyed away from cameras, which makes it hard to compare how far I have come.

    In saying that, I am stripping down tonight to take new "before" photos, because - like you - I am back on the band wagon with refreshed goals and plans.

    I love the idea of the 6km event and am so confident you will smash it. Don't think about it - just sign up for it, and then you HAVE to do it!

    To echo Allie again - you ROCK. Go get it, bring on 2013!

    1. Hey Leah,

      Yes, I hate photos of myself. Sometimes I think I get a "false" impression of what I really look like and then I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or window and think "wow....I really do look like the 147kg that I am". Gutted. I can't wait to see your before photos and hear about your refreshed goals and plans.

      I day. new month. new year. :)

      I have signed up for the obstacle course. I am freaking out, but it's probably still going to be better than the dreaded Motutapu! :)

      Bring on 2013!

      There is a woman that goes to my gym and honestly I see her and think it's you! Same clothing, same headband (is headband really an 80's term?).

  3. You know that you’re my absolute inspiration right?

    My thoughts are as long as you get back on your journey then it’s all good. I can’t change what I have done in the past but I can make better choices for my future before I run out of time.

    I like the idea of Noom actually. I am sick of counting calories and would much rather just record what I am eating i.e. 1 cup of vegetables, portion of chicken etc. For me it’s definitely about portion control and also making sure that I don’t go overboard with “treats” etc.

    I have pretty much hovered around the 150kg mark for such a long time. I usually fluctuate about 5kg each side and I am conscious of that weight on my joints.

    I actually like exercise but have realised I need to really keep it interesting otherwise I get bored. The thought of going to the gym and doing 45-60 minutes on the cross-trainer/elliptical is just so boring to me. I want to mix it up with classes and resistance training etc. Also, I have heaps of events planned for this year which are predominately walking etc. So I need to make sure I keep walking about 3 times a week otherwise I will die on some of these walks especially the one on Motutapu.

    The women on the MotivateMe NZ group that I joined are amazing. They are all at different stages of their journey. The ones that are further through and fitter/stronger help the newer people with ideas, motivation, exercise ideas, recipes etc. It’s great.

    We can do this!!