Monday, July 2, 2012

Emotional eating...Part 500?

I have written about emotional eating before so not really going to repeat myself over and over.

Suffice to say I did not even come close to reaching my weight-loss and fitness goals for Rarotonga. At this point I can do a bit of exercise, watch my food intake and then have a fabulous holiday. I am going to be overweight in Rarotonga and I do not really care as I just want to have a really nice time.

My dad has been in hospital for nearly a week and so evenings have been about visiting him, then phoning my mum to talk after our visit. Then we have been helping out at my parents by cleaning in preparation for my dad’s next couple of surgeries. I really thought that I could manage my emotional response so that I did not just eat, but apparently I am NOT there yet. I also had a couple of evenings where I drank cider. There was one day when I just stayed in the couch and slept; this is unheard of for me so I realised that I was not coping with him being unwell.  
We have almost completely stopped going to the gym at night and cannot face going in the mornings. I am totally bored with my cardio workouts and I have realised that I have to add strength training back in for variety and strength and also add weekend walks back in.

So my plan for the next few months is simple:
  • Enjoy our holiday, eat well, walk, swim etc.
  • Start back at the gym when we return (either morning or evening) and incorporate strength training Bob Harper style :)
  • Walk on the weekends
  • Plan our meals and stop having takeaways
  • Bring lunch 4 out of 5 days

Should be pretty simple right?

And remember that Bex’s friend said to her “you get the body you work for”. I cannot expect to change my body if my eating is out of control and my exercise is next to nothing.


  1. Hay babe - I'm not going to push the whole thing that I'm doing .. except that its working for me but woah its hard somedays! Maybe a change of eating as well?

    I'm with you all the way.

    I hope you have a fantastic holiday - I mean HONEYMOON!!!

    1. No I love the Dukan idea. :) For me it's about portion control and until I can control that I am not going to get anywhere. If I stick to similar meals each day then I am fine. :)

      Thanks honey.


    2. I think anyone who is or has been overweight gets this. The only way I cope is banning any of my 'trigger' foods from the house. This is everything from biscuits and chocolate to rice and pasta. I've been super stressed and been craving toast nonstop. I wish this just went away but it is a forever battle. So proud of you, you've done well coping and you are going to have such an amazing time away. Cannot wait to hear about it! Just relax, love yourself, and keep at it!

    3. Yes, I definitely agree re: banning tigger foods. I am hopeless with pasta of late. It's my "go to, easy" meal. I need to be planning dinner etc. Thanks honey xx.