Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 42 – w/c Saturday 15th October, 2011

Saturday (15/10/11) ~ I got up late as Mark took the car to get supplies for his boat building project. I started the kitchen spring clean/declutter. It is kind of a work in progress but I did get rid of a lot. I think I will write a blog post about it. Made Nigella’s Devil’s Food Cake for dessert; it was great but I will double the mixture and add more baking powder next time.

Sunday (16/10/11) ~ Finally got soil for the garden! Watched the rugby in the evening while texting my sister who was on her own in a bar in New York.

 Monday (17/10/11) ~ Bit of a bad day and ended up eating some bad food and then putting some clothing on layby. Tackled the pantry which looked like a train smash!

Tuesday (18/10/11) ~ Went to the gym and did about an hour of cardio which was awesome. No photo.

Wednesday (19/10/11) ~ My sister and nephew came to visit me at work today and I got three paintings from my nephew to put up at work.

Thursday (20/10/11) ~ Work. No photo.

Friday (21/10/11) ~ Work. No photo.

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