Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday week/end

Jumped on the scales this morning and my weight had not changed. To be honest I was a little disappointed, but not really that surprised. I had my birthday last Friday; so from Friday through to Monday it was all about birthday food and cake. So staying the same is better than gaining.

How do we get through weeks of “celebration”? Eating in moderation, not snacking on party food (fill a small plate and move away from the table), upping the amount of exercise. A few months ago I met a woman that strongly advocated weight-loss using meal replacement shakes for all meals. Over our lives there are going to be times when this is not achievable and seriously….HOW BORING!

So do not fear birthdays, weddings, parties etc. but just be prepared. If you are hosting the party then think about healthy options i.e. salsa, hummus, rice crackers, dipping vegetables, fruit kebabs etc. If you are a guest then offset a “naughty” choice with healthy options and eat a proper meal before you go to the party.

I had a quick chat with Arlene my personal trainer on the weekend and there are about 4.5 months until summer officially kicks in. She mentioned that she thought I could be down about 40kg by then. This would mean losing about 2kg per week for the next 18-20 weeks. I figure that it is quite achievable with a lot of planning, focus, healthy eating, portion control and regular exercise.

I tend to hibernate in winter; yes like a bear. When we get home in the evenings after the gym I tend to have a HUGE meal and then hop into bed with the cats and watch TV. So my plan from here on in is to drastically reduce the size of my dinner every evening and make a conscious effort not to eat rice, pasta or potatoes after 2pm each day.

Every day I have to reconfirm to myself why I am doing this:
- For my health
- To get pregnant
- To stop feeling obese and crappy
- To have more energy
- To fit into an airline seat and actually put the tray down properly

Previous Weight: 157.4kg
Current Weight: 157.4kg
Weight Difference: 0kg
Initial Goal Weight: 99kg
Work out pledge: 3 cardio and 2 resistance workouts

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