Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When burglary just isn’t enough of an invasion?

Aside from the obvious crimes that I can’t stand like murder, rape etc. I completely hate burglary! It makes me feel physically sick. I am almost tempted to suggest that convicted burglars have a hand amputated!

After reading a news story on a website today about a cat having to be euthanized after burglars kicked it so hard they broke its pelvis and tail. Not to mention the internal injuries! I felt that I had to write a little bit about my opinion of burglary.

For me this story also hit a nerve, because I am constantly afraid of our cats getting brutalised for absolutely no good reason. I don’t particularly care about material possessions, as most of them can be easily replaced...but people and animals can’t! They are defenceless!

Seriously, burglary feels a little to me like wanting to keep up with the Jones’s. For example, you want a flat screen, plasma TV. Don’t save for it, or even put it on HP. No, just go and steal it from the house down the road.

What makes burglars believe that they DESERVE to steal someone else’s property for themselves, or to on-sell to make some cash??? Who the hell do you think you are?? What gives you the right?

Also, what makes some people think that they deserve to take what someone else has? Do they think that they are worse off because they had a bad childhood? Grow up, most people had bad thing happens in their childhood, and most of us can rise above it somewhat!

I don’t believe anyone deserves to be robbed. Rich or poor people still value their possessions! Not to mention anyone who is robbed probably feels a deep sense of invasion. “Hey, burglars p#ss off, get a job, don’t go to my house and steal my things, or hurt my cats”.


  1. I agree completely. It's such an invasion when someone breaks into your house and feels they have some right to take your stuff. To hurt the cat as well just makes it worse. I know a few people with lasting psychological scars from home invasions and the fact is, noone deserves it.

  2. I guess for me there were two points that I was going to get across.
    1. It's not okay to hurt any animal
    2. Noone deserves to have things stolen.


    My second blog comment. So cool!